The Martock Patrol Leadership Team


Kristy Depper – Patrol Leader

Kristy’s role is to coordinate all activities of the volunteer patrol. In addition to working with the Martock PLT, Kristy assists with coordinating rosters, administers the uniform program, liaises with the Zone Executive attending monthly meetings, liaises with Martock management, ski school and vendors, and is generally available and responsible to any and all members of the patrol as needed. If you have any concerns, issues, worries, feedback, helpful suggestions… she would love to chat with you.

010303515_Batt_JohnJohn Batt – Assistant PL – Opperations

John will be working to establish some processes for regularly inspecting and maintaining our gear such as toboggans, trauma packs, radios and more. He will make sure that all the gear we need regularly on-snow is in place and ready to go. Next to Rosie and Kristy, he will be the point of contact between hill management and the ski patrol.

010300201_Savoie_DaveDave Savoie – Assistant PL – Mentoring

Dave will be working with Tim Parks (Zone On-Snow Coordinator) to make sure that everyone receives the on-snow training required to be a patroller. Part of retaining patrollers is to set up a mentoring environment where everyone feels supported, especially during incidents.

terriTerri Batt – Assistant PL – Supplies

Terri will be working with Kirk Whidden (Zone Supply Officer) and Rosie to make sure that the first aid room is always well stocked and ready to go. She’s already started to develop a digital inventory database for our first aid supplies. If you have anything to donate or specific requests, please let her know.

010303115_Sutherland_ MelissaMelissa Sutherland – APL – Fundraising

Melissa will be working to raise money and other donations through campaigns and events to support the needs of our patrol, Zone and Division. Current fundraising plans include a game of Wine Survivor (explained in this newsletter), BBQs on Jan 15th, Feb 4th and March 25th. If you’d like to help out with these, please let her know! She’s also working on a corporate donation package that you’ll be able to take to your employer, if appropriate.

010300615_Killacky_Maddie 010304014_Smith_Earla

Madeleine Killacky  – Assistant PL – Safety Promotion
Earla Smith – Assistant PL – Safety Promotion

Madeleine and Earla will be working with Claire Blight (Zone Safety Officer) to promote safety programs such as Pace Penguin, Cool Pass, World Snow Day (Jan 15th), Ski Patrol Day (Feb 4th) concussion management, helmet use and more. Earla and Maddie are both ski instructors in addition to being ski patrollers and will be working closely with ski school, racing and the park programs specifically.


Welcome!  At Martock we have no minimum number of shifts you must sign up for.  We would like you to patrol (or CADS, coach, instruct or be helpful) 80% or more of the times you visit Martock.  So if you can only make it out twice in a year, but you patrol both time, great!  If you patrol twice a week and want a night to free ski with a friend every once in a while, great!  If you patrol at Wentworth most of the time but want to come down for the occasional night or a little training, great!  It costs pennies to print a pass, as long as you are using it to be helpful Martock is grateful.  We know that if you were in it for a season pass you wouldn’t be a patroller.  We will continue to strive to be a place you want to come because it’s a great place to be with great people doing great work.  Hope you can join us.

You are welcome to sign up as far or close to the date as you prefer.  We ask that no more than two instructors or two rookies sign up per shift so that we can provide the best support and mentoring.  We recommend instructors put a (I), mentors a (M) and rookies put a (R) after their name to help with this support.

Patrollers can select their own Rosters using the on-line sign up page here.   Each shift is 4-4.5 hours.  Shifts are available weekday evening and all day on weekends.  You may sign up for shifts at any time.

If you are unable to complete the roster you selected please inform your Patrol Leader, Kristy Depper and Head Ranger, Rosie Browning.


Patrollers should Park on the left hand side of the lot in the middle section on weekends. Weekday night rosters can park closer however we ask that you reserve the closer spots for the general public.


The patrol room is divided in two. The Medical side is to be reserved for the assessment and treatment of patients i.e. no Food or Drink on the Medical side. A microwave to available on the patroller side and food can be consumed on the non-medical side.  Patrollers can also take their meals upstairs, in the downstarirs common area or on nice days outside on the deck.


The Racks outside the window of the Patrol room are for Patroller Skis and Boards. Please use the rack and don’t bring equipment into the patrol hut. Your bags and other items can be stored on the shelves in the Hut. Please no Helmets, Packs, Boards, Ski’s, Poles or bags on the medical side of the Patrol Hut.

Sign in/Sign Out 

When you arrive please sign in by calling Top Chair and giving your name and by writing your name in the sign in binder.  This lets everyone know who is available and is an important part of our official records.  If you have signed up ahead of time use the rostered patroller section, if you have come without rostering but will be in uniform use non rostered patroller in uniform, if you will be  out of uniform use patroller free skiing/riding.  It is very appreciated when patrollers free skiing/riding take a radio if available, but not required.


Occurs at the end of the night and Patrollers rostered for evening shifts are expected to stay and complete sweep. You will be asked to assemble at bottom chair 15 minutes before closing and then proceed to the top and begin sweep.
Jackets – We have  uniform jackets available in the patrol hut for Patrollers to wear during their shift. Please hang them up at the end of your roster so they are dry for the next user.


Radios go first to rostered Patrollers. If all of the rostered Patrollers have radios you are encouraged to take a  radio.  Please mark the radio number next to your name on the sign in sheet so everyone know who has a radio.  Radio chest harnesses are available and are recommended over carrying the Radio in a pocket. ** MP3 players  are not to be worn while patrolling, they hinder your ability to respond to someone speaking to you or reply to a call over the radio **