NATIONAL Uniform Definition

To read more about the CSP uniform, please download the Canadian Ski Patrol National Uniform System Booklet:


The national uniform consists of the full attire worn by patrollers while on active duty within the structure of the organization including:

  • the upper-body garment,
  • the lower-body garment and
  • head wear (when worn).“Generally speaking, the upper body garment shall be red. The lower body garment shall be black. Headwear and other accessories must be free of markings and decals that detract from the image of the CSP. Colours and design will be left to the individual patroller, but should conform with the intent and image of the CSP and the circumstances the patroller is providing duty for.

“A first aid kit must also be worn or be readily available at all times the upper-body garment is worn. The first aid kit is required to provide service, but is not considered a uniform component.

“For the purposes of increased visibility, reflective strips or material may be added to the uniform as long as it is consistent with underlying garment colour and the professional image the CSP wishes to present.”