Wentworth Roster Info


Rosters – You are expected to complete approximately 10 Rosters throughout the season. Patroller rosters are generally weekends only, during daylight hours, however if you wish to patrol weekdays this can be arranged. The roster scheduling is done on a team basis. There are four (4) teams with each team rostered one Saturday or Sunday every other weekend. Patrollers select their team at the first of the season during Lodge Day. Rosters start @ 9:00 am and you are expected to be “boots on” at that time. The roster ends at sweep which is generally 1/2 hour before sunset.

You are expected to complete the Rosters you sign up for. If you are unable to complete a roster,you are responsible to arrange coverage by trading a roster with another patroller. All zone patrollers are welcomed as replacements. Please make your Team Leader aware of any changes you arrange.

Patrol Room – The patrol room is a single Medical room and is to be reserved for the assessment and treatment of patients. We do allow patrollers to change in the room at the start and finish of the rosters but do not allow any gear to be left left lying around in the patient attending area, see the note on gear below. I note that patient care always takes priority and at times you may have to wait until after a patient has left the room to retrieve any of your own personal effects. Additionally, because of the limited space, only patrollers actively involved in an incident should remain in the room during patient care.

Parking – Patrollers are expected to Park in the regular customer parking lot, there are no special privileges or restrictions.

Meals – The patrol room is a single Medical room and is to be reserved for the assessment and treatment of patients i.e. no Food or Drink. Patrollers are expected to take their meals in the lodge or on nice days outside on the deck.

Gear – The rack outside the door of the Patrol room is for Patroller and Patient Skis and Boards. Please use the rack and don’t bring hard equipment into the patrol hut. Your bags and other items can be stored in the limited space in the Patrol room closet or in one of the 4 lockers assigned to the patrol in the public rental locker area (in the same building).

Sign in/Sign Out – Please Sign in and Out! your Team Leader and the Pro Patrol can easily check to see who they have on Snow during a given shift in case they were busy when you arrived and the Patrol Leader can track your rosters. If you are free skiing we ask that you sign in under the free skiing section. We have ( Not Often! ) asked free skiing Patrollers to wear a Radio when there are not a lot of rostered patrollers on the hill. If you need to leave the hill early for any reason, this must be arranged and approved by your team leader. This should be done as far in advance as possible.

Bump – During busy days, we utilize a bump system at Top Chair. This involves stationing a patroller (with Radio) at Top Chair for a more immediate response to incidents. Rostered Patrollers are assigned 30 minute shifts, usually twice during the day. The team leader and pro patrol will establish the requirement at the beginning of the day. The team leader will ensure completion of the sign up sheet (provided in the patrol room) and will post a copy at Top Chair.

Sweep – Sweep of the unlit trails occurs at the end of the day approximately 1/2 hour before sunset, at which time the unlit trails are closed. The time is set on a daily basis by the pro patrol. RosteredPatrollers are expected to stay and complete sweep. You will be asked to assemble at bottom chair 15 minutes before closing and then proceed to the top and begin sweep. The end of day sweep is generally done by the pro patrol, however any available patrollers are welcome to participate. As noted, Wentworth operates unlit trails on a daylight availability basis and towards the end of the season this can progress to approximately 6:00. Please schedule your Roster days accordingly.

Jackets – We have a limited supply of Jackets available in the Patrol Hut for Patrollers to wear during their shift. Please hang them up at the end of your roster so they are dry for the next user.

Radios – Radios are reserved for Rostered Patrollers. If all of the Rostered Patrollers have Radios you are encouraged to take a Patroller Radio ( Please note there are 6 radios owned by the volunteer patrol. The Pro Patrol uses hill owned radios ). Radios are kept at the ticket counter in the main lodge and must be signed out at the beginning of your roster and returned and signed in at the end of your shift. Radio Chest Harnesses are available in the patrol room and are recommended over carrying the Radio in a pocket. ** MP3 players  are not to be worn while patrolling, they hinder your ability to respond to someone speaking to you or reply to a call over the radio **